So, I was looking for some nice clothes for this winter because it’s gonna be freaking cold and I still walk in my t-shirts. I looked on but coulnd’t really find something. H&M didn’t had anything as well so I needed to look in more expensive shops. Then I thought about Humör, the brand of the pants that I already have like 4 years. It’s good quality and the price wasn’t that high, so I went to the website: yesterday to check out the new fall-line and that was actually pretty awesome.

It’s the style that I really like, and of course dk already says enough: Scandinavian. I always been to Norway every year so I know about the style and I personally really love it. It got that Scandinavian snowboarderlook. This fall the collection is pretty colourful, which is shown on the site:

These pictures only show a small piece of the fall collection of Humör. On you can find a lot more products from the brand. There is also a pretty nice other collection from the same owners, called: Rütme. It is the female version of the brand with the sort of same, alternative Scandinavian style. You might check the website out at:

Just look on the websites I mentioned in this post and find out if it’s a nice collection for you as well! It’s a specific style of clothing, which I really like.


Mathieu Duijst