So, I was looking for some nice clothes for this winter because it’s gonna be freaking cold and I still walk in my t-shirts. I looked on but coulnd’t really find something. H&M didn’t had anything as well so I needed to look in more expensive shops. Then I thought about Humör, the brand of the pants that I already have like 4 years. It’s good quality and the price wasn’t that high, so I went to the website: yesterday to check out the new fall-line and that was actually pretty awesome.

It’s the style that I really like, and of course dk already says enough: Scandinavian. I always been to Norway every year so I know about the style and I personally really love it. It got that Scandinavian snowboarderlook. This fall the collection is pretty colourful, which is shown on the site:

These pictures only show a small piece of the fall collection of Humör. On you can find a lot more products from the brand. There is also a pretty nice other collection from the same owners, called: Rütme. It is the female version of the brand with the sort of same, alternative Scandinavian style. You might check the website out at:

Just look on the websites I mentioned in this post and find out if it’s a nice collection for you as well! It’s a specific style of clothing, which I really like.


Mathieu Duijst


Awesome Outfit

I found a lovely outfit which I wanted to show you guys. This is an outfit that I might wear when I go to a technoparty of deephouse party. It is like this very loose outfit which is really relaxed to wear.

First of all we start with the upperwear. On the right you can see this very loose t-shirt. You can also wear loose tanktops or these r&b sweatshirts without a hoodie you know what I mean? The main rule is: always wear something loose. The neck doesn’t matter, a large round neck or a large v-neck, everything is cool.

The next thing we need to wear is a jeans of course. You can wear A LOT of different models for jeans. I like my HUMÖR jeans to wear which are really baggy at the top and really slim fit at the bottom. You can see one of them on the picture on the left. You can also wear skinny jeans or other brands of jeans with the same sort of model like HUMÖR. It is just what you like. There are people that wear that sort of pyjama pants to parties, so if you like it just buy it.

Shoes aren’t a thing to miss as well. At this moment the New Balance shoes and Vans are really hot. Vans shoes, well you probably know them, are cheap and nice to wear. New Balance shoes (you got the same model from Nike as well) are lovely to wear and light as a feather. Next to that they are not that expensive: I think around the 90 euros.  I will show a picture for the people which don’t know the brand New Balance.

The last part, which is actually just an accessory is a bag from Dakine (also pretty hot at the moment). It is just a fancy bag where you can put your stuff in. Of course you might buy one from an other brand as well, such as Vans or Superdry. It is what you like of course. I liked the one you can see on the left.




Well, I hope that I gave you some nice ideas for a cool party outfit. Of course you can wear this during midweeks as well (that’s what I do, haha!) I especially love the shoes. Good shoes are really important and if they are fancy, well that’s a benefit!

Good luck with creating your own style of outfits and I would like it if you leave me a comment about this one. Enjoy your day!


Mathieu Duijst

Customized Cheap Winter Outfit For Male

I want to create a nice outfit for male and this will be an outfit which you can wear every day during cold weather but also when you are going to a party or such thing. As you probably will know, Zara is a clothing brand/shop with a lot of fancy stuff for a low price and good quality of course. I will walk with you through their website and combine some products which will create one awesome look for a very low price. Next to that I will choose some shoes as well from another website. Awesome right?

First, let’s go to the website:

So, where do we start? Let’s go to find some cool jeans which we can wear if we look to the fashion trends for male at this moment. Slimfit jeans are really hip for a male person at the moment and if we look at the jeans on the website, I think that the jeans (shown below) will be a very good product to start with:

 As you can see it is a nice jeans with a contastgaren (I think contast yarn in English?) / wash and a little bit of a slim fit model. The jeans costs: €39.95,-

Next to that we need to look for a nice shirt to put on it right? So if we look at t-shirts on the website I found a cool shirt which we can put on this jeans. It is called: Sweatshirt combistof (sweatshirt combifabric in English?) It is a very basic shirt with a mini logo on it, which is pretty hip for this time. Nowadays the term: less is more, is pretty popular. It’s autumn already so it is getting colder, that’s why I’ve chosen for a sweatshirt:

This sweatshirt is warm enough I think at is has a casual look which is good to have. The price of the sweatshirt is also: €39.95,- You already got a pair of jeans and sweatshirt for less than €80,- which is pretty cheap if you ask me!

Besides jeans and sweatshirts, we need to have some accessories and shoes as well. The shoes will be picked out of the Vans Store. The first thing which is pretty handy in the cold is a scarf of course. I found a cool one from Zara which is darker grey. This combines pretty nice with the sweatshirt you are wearing and it can be combined with any kind of colored jacket is you ask me.

The scarf is nice, you can pull it over your head and keeps you warm. It can be combined with anything and the price is only: €25,95. You can use it whole autumn and winter long so that is not much for that price right?

Next to that we need some fancy shoes as well. The shoes which are not that expensive, but very trendy at the moment are Vans here in the Netherlands. We can find them on:



Of course, I want to put on some Vans which combines pretty good with my outfit, that’s why I have chosen for: Military Piercy, Men – Black. This shoe combines pretty good with the shirt and scarf if you ask me and they walk fine because they got a good footbed. The price of the shoes is only: €85,-. You can find them on:

So, I guess we are done here. We got some nice jeans, sweatshirt, scarf and shoes for the price of only: €190,85. It seems a lot, but if you look at what you got and the sort of quality you have for this price, it is not that much. Of course you can find it cheaper at the H&M, but my opinion is that the quality of the products of the H&M are not that good as from the Zara and Vans.

Hope you enjoyed it, soon I will create a nice party outfit for the techno scene in here the Netherlands if you like it!


Mathieu Duijst