Tirceps & Trapezius

Hi y’all,

Today I want to talk about exercises to train the triceps pretty good and also about the exercises for your trapezius. This one is good because a lot of exercises help you grow but make you walk bended over as well, which is not the right way to walk.

First I got a movie for you guys with a lot of tricep exercises. I don’t do that much of exercises in my workout, just because I don’t have the time for it. I can barely make it to train 3 times a week for 1,5 hour max. With this number of exercises per musclegroup, well it would take days.

Pretty nice tricep if you ask me. The exercises that I got in my workout now are: High Pulley Overhead Cable Tricep Extension, Skullcrushers, Dips, Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extension One-Handed. I think that 4 exercises is enough for you workout schedule if you do it 4 sets of 12 reps per exercise. Of course, every 4-6 weeks you change your schedule and then you can pick some other exercises, but these work great for me!

Next to that, the trapezius.. How many of you do an exercise for the trapezius with the shoulders bended over when you do the exercise? Well, I know a lot of people and I used to do it myself as well. The guy in the video explains pretty good why it isn’t working when you do it wrong.

As you can see he pulls his shoulders backwards. The way that he explains is a way to do it. Of course you can grab a bar as well and make shrugs with the bar behind you. I use the shoulder press machine to do it. I step on the seat and grap the handles behind me and do it that way. You can do it however you want, just remember that you hold your shoulders to the back.

Well, this was it about triceps and trapezius. Back & Chest exercises are coming up! Keep in touch, stay tuned and enjoy your day!


Mathieu Duijst


Gaining Muscles and Losing Weight

As I told you people I would write a post about gaining muscles and losing weight. Actually, it is not that hard to lose weight if you do it correct. You can even do it without a strict diet like Cambridge diet or the red fruits diet like they do in Hollywood. No, it’s the so called “Cavemen Diet” which works the best and is not really a diet if you ask me. It is a lifestyle.

First of all, you got 14 rules for the Cavemen Diet:

1. Eat 6 meals per day
2. Eat atleast every 3 hours meal / snack
3. Always eat before you feel hungry
4. Eat maximum 2 carb meals a day
5. Never eat 2 carb meals after eachother
6. Avoid combinations of carbohydrates with proteins or fats
7. Drink atleast 3.5 liters source or filtered water a day
8. Supplement with fish oil
9. Train atleast 2 times a week 60 minutes
10. Drink green tea
11. Never miss a meal
12. Avoid juices
13. Avoid sugary products
14. Everything that flies, swims, runs and is green, but not a ‘barcode’, is allowed

Next to that, you got 4 different nutrition groups which are in a meal:

Nutrition Group 1: Proteins
Nutrition Group 2: Vegetables
Nutrition Group 3: Fats
Nutrition Group 4: Carbohydrates (never combine with the other 3 groups and max. 2 meals a day)

Group 1 – 3 needs to be combined in one meal, ALWAYS. If you eat a piece of meat or fish, always combine vegetables (green beans, broccoli, spinache etc.) and fats (cashewnuts, dairy butter etc.)

Group 4 may not be combined with the other 3 groups and you can only eat this nutrition group twice a day (I prefer to eat the last one before 16:00 or 4:00 PM). If you eat an apple + fatless yoghurt (carbs) it is ok, but if you eat an apple + quark (proteins) is not ok. So always look closely to the meal you want to create.

Next to that, training is important as well for gaining muscles. You got two kinds of training for the result of gaining muscles:

1. Own body workout routines & 2. Gym workout routines

I got two YouTube videos for you guys to show you exactly what I mean. Afterwards I will tell you what I like about both routines.



1. The first video shows us how you can train with your own body. The results are that you gain muscles, in a natural, athletic way and also that you will get very strong. Because you really use your strength and power and not only your short-used strength. You use with a lot of exercises almost every muscle in your body which is also good for losing fat. I prefer this routine like 4 months before summer because I can streamline my body in that way.

2. This video shows you how Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno worked out back in the days. These gym exercises are for getting that pumped up body image. You can pump up crazy if you do it in a right way (I will tell you more about exercises, reps and sets in an other post soon). The problem is that you don’t get stronger in the fast way as you do with the own body routines. This is for me a nice way for the other months to train, because it takes less time than the own body workouts if you ask me and if you are a busy person, this is a good solution.

Just let me know what you think of it and which routine you prefer to use. I will tell a lot more about the exercises, reps, sets and handy tips & tricks later in an other post. If you already got some questions, just leave me a comment. Enjoy your day people!


Mathieu Duijst