Spotify & Hits

Hello everyone!

How are we feeling today? I woke up this morning with the feeling that I was really tired, but guess what? Feeling overloaded with energy right now! This morning I want to talk about Spotify and later in this post I will share some new Hits as well!

First Spotify, what is Spotify actually? Well, in my opinion it is a software which allows you to livestream music from the Internet with a library around the 16 million songs. Pretty awesome if you ask me. You can create your own playlists (like I did) and share them with others. Next to that you can buy Spotify Premium which also allows you to listen to your tracks on your mobile phone. Only here is a small problem. Ok, you pay 10 euros a month which isn’t not a big deal for me but you really need to download your tracklist, otherwise you will livestream the songs when you’re not on WiFi (like me when I am in the train for example) and then your usage of you internet on your phone will go up pretty fast, so be careful! 

Next to that I don’t really get the fact of ‘downloading’ the playlist. I bought the Premium card yesterday and I was allowed to download 10 songs. Well, I downloaded my whole playlist (around 150 songs) and they didn’t hold me back or something. What is the download then really? Downloading the tracklist for usage on your mobile phone without livestreaming or really download songs like you do with zippy or something like that? That is not really clear for me. I hope you guys know what it actually means, could mean a lot to me.

Next to that, Spotify is awesome for me. I really like the fact that I got an huge amount of songs when I’m on the way. So, just try the free trial and judge for yourself!

The first video is the new hit: Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Lyric Version). It is a pretty awesome lyric video if you ask me. Creative and of course the song is a big hit as well. What do you think? The video released on the 16th of October in Europe.

The next video is the new hit from Usher, called: Numb. The video clip was online at the 11th of October here in Europe. Personally, this song is one that I really like from Usher’s repetoire. Judge for youself.

I hope you enjoyed the post and the new videoclips and stay tuned! Later today I will post some nice workout tips & tricks.


Mathieu Duijst