Socom II (HD)

Hi guys,

I don’t know if you people know SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALs? Well, I spent my whole childhood in it. I was around 10 years old when I started playing SOCOM: U.S. NAVY SEALs on the PlayStation 2 those days (2002). It was the first online shooter on a console and also third person! It was pretty fun, because you could communicate with other players by using an USB headset. Of course, as you can guess, this game became my addiction. I was young, nothing to care about and very fast after playing the game on my brothers PS2, I got my one on my room. That’s the moment in time when everything changed.

Playing together with my brother, which was playing upstairs, my parents freaked out because of that game. The whole day we were playing, screaming, calling, communicating in everyway and getting upset. It was the perfect game and day after day went by. Then, in 2003, SOCOM II: U.S. NAVY SEALs came in the market. That’s when addictive players became obsessed with the game.

The communication was awesome with the headset, people created clans to play against other teams. Clan ladders were made on (now MLG) and it became a sort of a community. At one point, I became the #3 in Europe of SOCOM II. I was like 13-years old and SOCOM was my world back then. I defeated guys that were 20 or even older. I felt awesome. I was playing serious in clanwars and in normal games I was fooling around and socializing, but still beastin.

Until the downwards spiral came into the SOCOM collection. SOCOM III: U.S. NAVY SEALs was there and wasn’t better. Well, let’s say it sucked. After that SOCOM U.S. NAVY SEALs: Combined Assault came and the SOCOM community was falling apart. I quitted playing with my friends when we were about 15 years old. The relationship between me and my PS2 was gone and the new PS3 didn’t brought me a lot of excitement either. BUT: SOCOM U.S. NAVY SEALs: Confrontation showed up on the PS3. Some people who played SOCOM II were started playing again because some old SOCOM II maps were created in HD. Well, the game didn’t last for long because the gameplay was different. The aim system didn’t match the perfect one from SOCOM I & II and next to that, the game didn’t feel like SOCOM.

The latest version is SOCOM 4. This is, if you ask me, the best SOCOM version after SOCOM II. That’s because Zipper Interactive also made it and looked, besides the way higher resolution, the closest at SOCOM II. Still, the game wasn’t that much of a success like SOCOM I & II was. Zipper Interactive quit the SOCOM series and the fans were left alone. No more SOCOM’s, pure nostalgia was SOCOM for us.

Then, I saw some rumors come by (10 feb, 2012) that Zipper’s director said that “SOCOM was not over yet”, so there is a new one coming? Everyone was yelling for years and years that they wanted SOCOM II (HD), including me! It was the best way for Zipper if they want to start creating great games and earn some money again. After that the combination of SOCOM I & II (HD) and maybe even III as well would create the success. SOCOM I & II has sold over 5.5 million copies all over the world, so that’s a lot.

Today, when I write this, I still have no clue if the SOCOM Legacy is coming in HD or not. If you think about it: pick the engine from MAG (other Zipper game), hold the same system as SOCOM I & II and don’t change the aim system or whatever. Just leave everything the same, except for the resolution. Then it must not be that hard right? If we look at SOCOM: Confrontation and SOCOM 4, we already got a lot of maps in HD:

1. Crossroads
2. Blizzard
3. Night Stalker
4. Desert Glory
5. Abandoned
6. Bitter Jungle
7. Frostfire
8. Vigilance
9. The Ruins

That’s a lot right? We only miss:

1. Blood Lake
2. Fish Hook
3. The Mixer
4. Death Trap
5. Rats Nest
6. Sandstorm
7. Foxhunt
8. Shadow Falls (although you might leave that one out haha!)
9. Enowapi
10. Requiem
11. Guidance
12. Chain Reaction
13. Sujo

I mean, we are almost halfway! You can start with the ones we got Sony! Listen to the fans, let Zipper or an other company create it. Start with the ones we got and creat DLC’s with 5 new maps every season. The game will rock!

I think it would really work! What do you guys think? Underneath you can find one video of SOCOM II: U.S. NAVY SEALs in the map The Ruins and underneath that you can find a video of The Ruins in SOCOM 4, enjoy!



I hope you guys enjoyed the post and for the SOCOM fans: fingers crossed!


Mathieu Duijst.

The Abs Workout #3

Hi guys,

As usual I will post the third abs challenge for week 3. How have you guys been doing? Did you manage to easily complete the first and second week? I’ve been doing this one and this one is a bit harder, but doable. Do you already see any results? I know I do!

Here is video #3:

Of course, there are some rules this week as well. Let me show you.

Perform video 3
10 minute break
Perform video 1

Perform video 2
10 minute break
Perform video 3

Perform video 3
5 minute break
Perform video 2
5 minute break
Perform video 1

You can change the days of course, but remember that you need 1 day between the workouts. This works the best for me, but you can do thursday, saturday and monday as well. The next wednesday I will show you the abs workout #4. Good luck with this one. Underneath you can find the first two videos as well. It might be handy because of the fact that you need to do those as well.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Good luck and enjoy your day and special thanks to Arnel Ricafranca.


Mathieu Duijst



So, I was looking for some nice clothes for this winter because it’s gonna be freaking cold and I still walk in my t-shirts. I looked on but coulnd’t really find something. H&M didn’t had anything as well so I needed to look in more expensive shops. Then I thought about Humör, the brand of the pants that I already have like 4 years. It’s good quality and the price wasn’t that high, so I went to the website: yesterday to check out the new fall-line and that was actually pretty awesome.

It’s the style that I really like, and of course dk already says enough: Scandinavian. I always been to Norway every year so I know about the style and I personally really love it. It got that Scandinavian snowboarderlook. This fall the collection is pretty colourful, which is shown on the site:

These pictures only show a small piece of the fall collection of Humör. On you can find a lot more products from the brand. There is also a pretty nice other collection from the same owners, called: Rütme. It is the female version of the brand with the sort of same, alternative Scandinavian style. You might check the website out at:

Just look on the websites I mentioned in this post and find out if it’s a nice collection for you as well! It’s a specific style of clothing, which I really like.


Mathieu Duijst

Whole Body Workout At Home.

Hey guys,

How are you doing? Had a nice weekend? Atleast I did.
Unfortunately we are back at work again. I promised you guys to write a post about good chest and back exercises, but because of the lack of time I couldn’t manage to write it on Friday.

So, today I will show you some good exercises to work that chest and back when you’re at home. When you don’t have enough time to workout in the gym, like I do, you can workout at home as well. I know that feeling that you got: “I really need to workout again. I will start on monday again..” If you ask me: that ain’t gonna happen. I got a good workout which will train all of your muscles.

Workout #1. You need to do every exercise at least 4 sets of 10 reps. You can choose to the whole workout schedule 3 times a week (all exercises per day) or you can split it up in 2 days and that you train 4 times a week at home.

– Side To Side Push Ups (Step left with your left leg and left arm, push up, step right with both and push up. That’s how you should do it. You can also Google it if you don’t understand what I mean).
– Triangle Push Ups (You need to make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers. So let your hands point to eachother and push up like that)
– Diver Bomb Push Up
– Push Up + Clap

– Prone Cobra
– Dumbell Dead Lift
– Bent Over Dumbell Rows
– Chin Ups -OR- One Arm Dumbell Row

– Arnold Press
– Bent Arm Side Lateral
– Dumbell Front Raises
– Shrugs

– Chair or Table Dips
– Skullcrushers
– Kickbacks
– Dumbell Tricep Extension

– Dumbell Curls
– Hammer Curls
– Concentration Curls
– Overhead Dumbell Curls

– One Leg Chair Squat
– Dumbell Squat
– Lunges
– Sitting against the wall (1 minute)

– Follow my weekly schedule!

The only thing you need for some exercises is the TRX or dumbells. Of course, you can do them without as well and just use some towels or other objects that have a good weight. Next to that, the pull ups and push ups are good for the shoulders, abs, back, chest, biceps and triceps. So if you don’t have enough time, they work the other muscles as well.

I hope you enjoyed it and that you actually might try this workout. Good luck!


Mathieu Duijst

Tirceps & Trapezius

Hi y’all,

Today I want to talk about exercises to train the triceps pretty good and also about the exercises for your trapezius. This one is good because a lot of exercises help you grow but make you walk bended over as well, which is not the right way to walk.

First I got a movie for you guys with a lot of tricep exercises. I don’t do that much of exercises in my workout, just because I don’t have the time for it. I can barely make it to train 3 times a week for 1,5 hour max. With this number of exercises per musclegroup, well it would take days.

Pretty nice tricep if you ask me. The exercises that I got in my workout now are: High Pulley Overhead Cable Tricep Extension, Skullcrushers, Dips, Reverse Grip Cable Tricep Extension One-Handed. I think that 4 exercises is enough for you workout schedule if you do it 4 sets of 12 reps per exercise. Of course, every 4-6 weeks you change your schedule and then you can pick some other exercises, but these work great for me!

Next to that, the trapezius.. How many of you do an exercise for the trapezius with the shoulders bended over when you do the exercise? Well, I know a lot of people and I used to do it myself as well. The guy in the video explains pretty good why it isn’t working when you do it wrong.

As you can see he pulls his shoulders backwards. The way that he explains is a way to do it. Of course you can grab a bar as well and make shrugs with the bar behind you. I use the shoulder press machine to do it. I step on the seat and grap the handles behind me and do it that way. You can do it however you want, just remember that you hold your shoulders to the back.

Well, this was it about triceps and trapezius. Back & Chest exercises are coming up! Keep in touch, stay tuned and enjoy your day!


Mathieu Duijst

Spotify & Hits

Hello everyone!

How are we feeling today? I woke up this morning with the feeling that I was really tired, but guess what? Feeling overloaded with energy right now! This morning I want to talk about Spotify and later in this post I will share some new Hits as well!

First Spotify, what is Spotify actually? Well, in my opinion it is a software which allows you to livestream music from the Internet with a library around the 16 million songs. Pretty awesome if you ask me. You can create your own playlists (like I did) and share them with others. Next to that you can buy Spotify Premium which also allows you to listen to your tracks on your mobile phone. Only here is a small problem. Ok, you pay 10 euros a month which isn’t not a big deal for me but you really need to download your tracklist, otherwise you will livestream the songs when you’re not on WiFi (like me when I am in the train for example) and then your usage of you internet on your phone will go up pretty fast, so be careful! 

Next to that I don’t really get the fact of ‘downloading’ the playlist. I bought the Premium card yesterday and I was allowed to download 10 songs. Well, I downloaded my whole playlist (around 150 songs) and they didn’t hold me back or something. What is the download then really? Downloading the tracklist for usage on your mobile phone without livestreaming or really download songs like you do with zippy or something like that? That is not really clear for me. I hope you guys know what it actually means, could mean a lot to me.

Next to that, Spotify is awesome for me. I really like the fact that I got an huge amount of songs when I’m on the way. So, just try the free trial and judge for yourself!

The first video is the new hit: Girl On Fire – Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj (Official Lyric Version). It is a pretty awesome lyric video if you ask me. Creative and of course the song is a big hit as well. What do you think? The video released on the 16th of October in Europe.

The next video is the new hit from Usher, called: Numb. The video clip was online at the 11th of October here in Europe. Personally, this song is one that I really like from Usher’s repetoire. Judge for youself.

I hope you enjoyed the post and the new videoclips and stay tuned! Later today I will post some nice workout tips & tricks.


Mathieu Duijst