Whole Body Workout At Home.

Hey guys,

How are you doing? Had a nice weekend? Atleast I did.
Unfortunately we are back at work again. I promised you guys to write a post about good chest and back exercises, but because of the lack of time I couldn’t manage to write it on Friday.

So, today I will show you some good exercises to work that chest and back when you’re at home. When you don’t have enough time to workout in the gym, like I do, you can workout at home as well. I know that feeling that you got: “I really need to workout again. I will start on monday again..” If you ask me: that ain’t gonna happen. I got a good workout which will train all of your muscles.

Workout #1. You need to do every exercise at least 4 sets of 10 reps. You can choose to the whole workout schedule 3 times a week (all exercises per day) or you can split it up in 2 days and that you train 4 times a week at home.

– Side To Side Push Ups (Step left with your left leg and left arm, push up, step right with both and push up. That’s how you should do it. You can also Google it if you don’t understand what I mean).
– Triangle Push Ups (You need to make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers. So let your hands point to eachother and push up like that)
– Diver Bomb Push Up
– Push Up + Clap

– Prone Cobra
– Dumbell Dead Lift
– Bent Over Dumbell Rows
– Chin Ups -OR- One Arm Dumbell Row

– Arnold Press
– Bent Arm Side Lateral
– Dumbell Front Raises
– Shrugs

– Chair or Table Dips
– Skullcrushers
– Kickbacks
– Dumbell Tricep Extension

– Dumbell Curls
– Hammer Curls
– Concentration Curls
– Overhead Dumbell Curls

– One Leg Chair Squat
– Dumbell Squat
– Lunges
– Sitting against the wall (1 minute)

– Follow my weekly schedule!

The only thing you need for some exercises is the TRX or dumbells. Of course, you can do them without as well and just use some towels or other objects that have a good weight. Next to that, the pull ups and push ups are good for the shoulders, abs, back, chest, biceps and triceps. So if you don’t have enough time, they work the other muscles as well.

I hope you enjoyed it and that you actually might try this workout. Good luck!


Mathieu Duijst


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